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I am so excited for you to be here! I’m Nicola. A Pinstagram Strategist. Instagram Lover.Mom. Blogger. Notebook and Stationery addict.

Hi! Welcome!

I am sure you are wondering about me! I started off in an entirely different direction! I didn’t always even believe that blogging or having a successful business online was even a thing! In fact – just a couple of years ago I was going through a mid-life (early) crisis. I was heading back into work after having my son – and you know what? I didn’t know if it was even for me any more. I studied 9 years! 9 damn years to be successful in my career. But it fueled no sparks and no passion.

I went on a bit of a career “pilgrimage” and sought mentors, developed relationships and networks. But it all felt empty. Finally, I landed what I thought was my dream job – which meant I had to relocate to a new town with my son. Loved it! But the hours were long – so long! Eye wateringly long. This hampered my time with my son and really made feel like all I was doing was working!

I finally landed a job at a University, where I was able to study for free and do the work I was “good at”. I might be great at my day job – but I have stopped having the passion I felt for it.

I studied a Diploma in Creativity in 2018. I focused my studies on Instragram, and did a full research project on Instagram and its positive and negative effects. While studying that I grew my Instagram account to over 46K followers. I then focused my attention on Pinterest and have grown my Pinterest to over 6 million views a month.

I started a blog called My Inner Creative, which has become a known location for crafts, journaling and notebook reviews. This is the account I focus on the most, and this blog is now what I consider my “hobby”, however equally passionate about making things as easy as possible for you!

So why should you trust me to help build your business? Because I built mine from nothing.

I also have an MBA, and that awesome Diploma in Creativity behind me and those tools combine the aspects of creation and business sense. If you want to know what makes me tick? Its coffee, and the joy of seeing other people succeed too!

I’m grateful you are here. Because this is literally the first step you will take to making yourself an amazing business person!

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