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Quick Steps to Delete a Pin on Pinterest in 2024

Pinterest is a fun and creative platform where you can save and share ideas through Pins. But sometimes, you might want to delete a Pin for various reasons—maybe it’s outdated, irrelevant, or you just don’t like it anymore. No worries! This guide will show you how to delete a pin on Pinterest quickly and easily. Let’s get started!

Deleting a Pin from Your Computer

Locate the Pin

First, you need to find the Pin you want to delete. Here’s how:

  1. Access Your Saved Pins: Click on your profile picture at the top right of the Pinterest homepage.
  2. Find the Pin: Go to your “Saved” section. You can look through the boards you’ve created or find Pins you’ve interacted with.

Delete the Pin

Once you’ve found the Pin, follow these steps to delete it:

  1. Open the Pin: Click on the image of the Pin you want to delete.
  2. Access Edit Options: Click on the three dots (“…”) icon.
  3. Choose “Edit Pin”: A menu will appear, and you should select “Edit Pin.”
  4. Locate the “Delete” Button: You’ll find this button at the bottom left corner of the Edit Pin page.
  5. Confirm Deletion: Click “Delete” again to confirm that you want to remove the Pin.
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Deleting a Pin from the Mobile App

Deleting a Pin on the mobile app is similar, but there are a few small differences. Here’s what you need to do:

Locate the Pin

  1. Access Your Saved Pins: Tap on your profile picture in the bottom right corner.
  2. Find the Pin: Look through your boards or your interactions to find the Pin you want to delete.

Delete the Pin

  1. Open the Pin: Tap on the image of the Pin.
  2. Access Edit Options: Tap the three dots (“…”) icon in the top right corner.
  3. Choose “Edit” or the Trash Can Icon: Depending on your app version, you might see an “Edit” option or a trash can icon.
  4. Confirm Deletion: Tap “Delete” to remove the Pin.
deleting a pinterest pin

Additional Considerations

  • What Happens After Deletion: Once you delete a Pin, it’s gone from your account. However, if someone else saved your Pin, their copy will remain.
  • Delete Option Not Available: If you can’t find the delete option, it’s rare but possible. In this case, contact Pinterest support for help.

Deleting a Pin on Pinterest is straightforward whether you’re using a computer or a mobile app. Here’s a quick recap:

  • On a computer: Find the Pin -> Open the Pin -> Click “…” -> Choose “Edit Pin” -> Click “Delete.”
  • On the mobile app: Find the Pin -> Open the Pin -> Tap “…” -> Choose “Edit” or the trash can icon -> Tap “Delete.”

Keep your Pinterest boards tidy and full of fresh ideas by regularly deleting Pins you no longer need. READ NEXT: Trending Pinterest Idea Pins to Boost Your Traffic.

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