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How to Do a Call to Action on Pinterest & Get More Clicks

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Are you new to Pinterest or looking to boost your follower count? One key way to engage your audience and grow your following is by mastering the art of the call to action (CTA). A call to action is a simple prompt that encourages your audience to take a specific action, like clicking on a link, following your account, or saving your Pin.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into how to do a call to action on Pinterest effectively. Let’s get started!

What Is a Call to Action?

A call to action is a clear and concise message that tells your audience what you want them to do next. On Pinterest, CTAs can be included in your Pin descriptions, images, and even your profile bio. They help guide your audience and make it easy for them to engage with your content.

Why Are CTAs Important on Pinterest?

CTAs are essential on Pinterest because they:

  • Increase engagement: By asking your audience to take a specific action, you encourage more interaction with your content.
  • Boost your following: Clear CTAs can help you gain more followers by prompting users to follow your account.
  • Drive traffic: CTAs can direct users to your website or blog, increasing your site traffic.

Now, let’s talk about how to do a call to action on Pinterest effectively.

Tips for Creating Effective CTAs on Pinterest

  1. Be Clear and Direct
    • Use simple, easy-to-understand language.
    • Make sure your CTA is straightforward. For example, “Click here to learn more” or “Follow us for more tips.”
  2. Use Action Words
    • Start your CTA with a strong action word like “click,” “follow,” “save,” or “discover.”
    • Action words create a sense of urgency and encourage immediate action.
  3. Make It Visually Appealing
    • Incorporate your CTA into your Pin image. Use contrasting colors and bold fonts to make it stand out.
    • Ensure your CTA is easy to read on mobile devices.
  4. Provide Value
    • Explain why your audience should take the action. What’s in it for them?
    • For example, “Follow us for daily DIY tips” or “Save this Pin for delicious recipes.”
  5. Test Different CTAs
    • Experiment with different CTAs to see which ones resonate best with your audience.
    • Try varying your wording, placement, and design to find the most effective approach.

Examples of CTAs on Pinterest

Here are some examples to inspire your own CTAs:

  • “Follow us for more home decor inspiration!”
  • “Click to shop our latest collection!”
  • “Save this Pin for a quick workout routine!”
  • “Discover more delicious recipes on our blog!”

By following these tips, you’ll know how to do a call to action on Pinterest that captures attention and drives engagement. Remember, the key is to be clear, direct, and provide value to your audience.

Mastering the art of the call to action on Pinterest can significantly impact your engagement and help you grow your following. By being clear, using strong action words, making your CTAs visually appealing, providing value, and testing different approaches, you’ll be well on your way to Pinterest success. READ NEXT: Pinterest Ideas Pins

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