Is Pinterest the right platform for my niche?

It doesn’t matter which blog support group you head into, everyone talks about how traffic is derived from Pinterest to your blog – heaps of sites promote how important it is to get you blog on Pinterest and have it drive traffic. But how do you truely know that your niche is something that will flourish on Pinterest? Is it something that wouldn’t do well? Lets work it out together!

It’s helpful to think of Pinterest as a visual search engine. Any niches
that have a visual element i.e. interior design, photography, fashion, art,
and diy crafts typically do very well on Pinterest. There’s also a growing
interesting in informational posts on Pinterest like How to Make Money
from Your Blog or How to Drive Traffic to Your Website.

At the end of 2019, Pinterest reported having 322 million monthly active users worldwide. While nearly one third of those users are from the US, the number of users outside the US is growing rapidly. Pinterest gained around 51 million international monthly users in 2019 compared to the five million in the US.

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Keep in mind that the majority of Pinterest users are women, so niches
targeted directly to men might not do as well.

According to a recent study by ComScore, more than two-thirds of
Pinterest’s users are women. Additionally, more than 80% of Pinterest users
are moms between the ages of 18 and 64. If your niche is not popular among women, particularly moms, you likely won’t perform well on Pinterest.

71% of global Pinterest users are female, according to Statista. When concentrating on the US, Pinterest reaches 83% of women  ages 25-54. That same group makes 80% of the buying decisions in US households and they are harnessing the power of Pinterest to visualize their future, strategize about their goals and assist them on their purchasing journey. 

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What Questions Should I ask to work out if pinterest is right for my business

There are a number of practical ways to find out if Pinterest is the right tool for your niche
is to ask the following questions:

  • What are my competitors doing?
  • Is my niche searchable on pinterest or other search engines
  • Is my audience on Pinterest? Is this where they go to find information
  • Do I create regular content that inspires or educates? or is easily searchable on social media? Does your product/service/content lend itself to attractive and eye-catching visuals?
  • How can Pinterest help my business? Can my business flourish on Pinterest?
  • Is your offer/content evergreen?

What are your competitors doing on Pinterest

Use some keywords that would match your product. If there are repins, followers, or profiles relating to your niche, then it could be a sign that using Pinterest could be a feasible marketing opportunity. There will always be competitors in whichever platform you choose so do not be discouraged if your niche is already taken there, take it as a chance to show them that yours is unique and it will stand out.

Pinterest has a whole array of brands that posts similar products and services as yours which are posted on their pinboards where your target audience can choose from. The only thing you have to do is make your brand different than the rest of the other brands that it catches the eye of your followers and your target audiences.

Searching for your Niche on Pinterest

The best test to seeing if your niche will do will is to do a search for it
and see how many relevant pins and boards come up! This is a great way to
test the interest in a particular topic.

To figure out if Pinterest is the right niche for you, you should search
your top 5 to 10 keywords on the Pinterest search tool. If a ton of related
images come up and they all have a lot of shares and comments, then
Pinterest is a good place for you to post high-quality content to get
engagement. If almost no images come up, or only poor quality images, then you need to decide if you have better images you can provide, in which case Pinterest could still be an opportunity, or you can decide to move on and focus on other social platforms.

Stacy Caprio, Founder, Accelerated Growth Marketing

By using Pinterest to search your niche and keywords you will be able to see the category they fall into. Here you can brainstorm keywords that you would want your brands to use in order to engage your target audiences. Top Ranking keywords in your niche and Pinterest will show you which is the most searched product of a certain brand and the content your target audience and followers are looking for in a product or a service. So if you see your product or service on Pinterest surely this platform is for your brand.

John Howard, CEO, Coupon Lawn

If the search results aren’t quite what you expected, search for keywords related to your niche. If you’re selling business coaching services, for example, you can search for planners or social media content calendar.

While it’s not the direct thing you’re selling, the results will provide insight into what types of images and content you can put out on Pinterest to be successful in your niche.

Tom De Spiegelaere, Founder, Tom Spicky

Is my target audience on Pinterest?

Aside from doing assumptions, it is also great to directly ask your audience if they use this kind of platform. You can create polls or surveys on your other marketing channels or you could send them emails to gather

After familiarizing with your target audience, it will be easier to distinguish which social network best suits your readers. For example, if your prospects hang out on Pinterest while your social media campaign is focused on Facebook, then you will be missing out a lot not to mention wasting your time and resources. Moreover, by understanding your audience’s needs, you’ll be able to interact with them on a more intimate level.

Oksana Chyketa, the Marketing Specialist at

First and the foremost question will be whether your customers use Pinterest, it makes sense to choose it as a marketing platform only if the customers spend enough time using it. Even if the customers spend enough time on the platform how they use it, how often they use the platform and what value they get from it is also important.

For instance, if they use the platform to make an inspiration board for their new home and your business is in furniture/home decor they will be the prime customers to get a sale and you should without any doubt should choose Pinterest as a marketing platform.

Rahul Mohanachandran, Co-Founder | Kasera

Which niches do not work well on Pinterest?

If your business sells something that can be easily purchased through a few clicks on your computer like an ebook or a product in an online store, Pinterest works great. But if you sell something that’s a higher price point or requires lots of warm up to get to the sale, you’re better off using Pinterest as a funnel to grow your email list.

If you are selling a B2B product it might not make sense to market using
Pinterest to potential customers, most customers use Pinterest for personal purpose and it might not be the appropriate time or place to engage with the customer for a sale.

Having said that, B2B companies can also leverage Pinterest for brand awareness, there are many companies who use Pinterest to create motivational quotes and generally wellbeing tips. None of these might leads to a sale but it will make the brand thought leader in the public.

Rahul Mohanachandran, Co-Founder | Kasera

Pinterest is not a great platform niche that is not visual such as data
analysis, finances, mathematical modelings, and accounting.

Which niches work really well on Pinterest

Pinterest is a great platform for lifestyle brands with good visuals and that focus on creating aesthetically pleasing content. It is a great platform to get discovered and can be a very effective way to drive awareness about your brand and sales. People on Pinterest usually browse for inspiration.

My niche is personal finance. Subsets of this niche can do well on Pinterest, particularly saving money and frugal living. These are my pins that get the most traction on Pinterest. For other categories I blog about, I haven’t been able to get many pins to stick so for those subsets I focus on SEO.

Suchot Sunday is the owner of The Curious Frugal

As a result, brands that have a strong image and aspirational message will tend to work better on this platform. This also includes gardening, home decorations, fashions, lifestyle, health and fitness. People search different images to get some inspiration for their own home decoration or plants that they want in their home.

Pinterest is an ideal advertising platform for direct to consumer brands that leverage strong visuals in their marketing because the nature of the platform that leans heavily on imagery. Some verticals that show the highest success rate on Pinterest include beauty, bridal, food, fitness and fashion. Pinterest is a solutions oriented platform where users flock to search the latest DIY, dinner recipe or decor inspiration, if your brand fits in to these spaces and helps solve a consumer problem then you are more than likely to see success on the platform.

For example, brands advertising meal delivery kits are a natural fit when users find themselves searching easy weeknight meals. Pinterest is also effective for brands looking to drive efficient traffic to their website, generally speaking Pinterest has significantly lower CPM’s and higher clickthrough rates than other platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter). This makes it a fantastic platform for marketers looking to maximize their budget.

Sophia Pollock, Ads Manager, 247LaundryService 

Even if you sell the best products in the world, avoid turning your feed
into a catalogue. Put your followers first and give away value, give away
tips, give away inspiration.

What are the next steps to take after working out if your niche is good for pinterest?

The first thing you should look into is developing a business Pinterest account. This way if you test the water with Pinterest, you can track your analytics. This will allow you to establish what strategies to employ to make Pinterest a successful platform for you.

Once you have set up a business account on Pinterest – make sure you have set a couple of advertising campaigns that you can test the water with.

Pinterest is a visual search engine but its results and impact are a slower
burn than most media. It can take nearly three months before a pin really starts driving traffic to your site. The beauty is, once you release the pin, it can continue to drive leads over long periods. 

Kristi Russo, Pinterest Strategy expert leading 81 Social, a full-service Pinterest
marketing firm.

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