My personal Journey – How I grew my Pinterest to 6 million + views a month!

Pinterst is a fickle beast and I think realistically that the analytics are a little off. So let me start there. As of today (23 September 2019) I have the following stats:

Followers 7862

Current Monthly Viewers: 6.3million

Those are reasonable stats. But how do they translate directly to pageviews? And what exactly did I do to set that up?

The Pinterest Basics:

The first 3 tools you need are 1. A blog or a website you want to drive traffic to. 2. A business Pinterest Account and 3. Tailwind

1. A blog or website to drive traffic to.

My blog is about bullet journaling and collating inspiration for people. For each post I post, I have 3 Pinterest Graphics ready to go. To create the graphics I use the free tool canva. Apparently, according to research – Pinterest pinners like “sexy content” something that looks appealing and has pretty content. Clear words and clearly outlining what is in the post.

2. A Pinterst Business Account

You need to be able to track your pins, your stats and create rich pins for your website. These are not hard to set up and completely free!

Start by setting that up in pinterest business account – follow it up with setting up all the aspects to lead to your site.

Claim your website and make sure you have set up rich pins – pinterest walks you through setting this up – its important to do as it pulls the meta data from your website when people pin your goodies.

3. Tailwind Account

This is the really easy part and can also be quite confusing. First you need a tailwind account – you can grab a free trial from the link below:

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Getting to the Nitty Gritty

Setting up your blog posts and Pinterest for Success! Let’s start by setting up your pinterest account!

  1. If for the longest time you have been using your personal pinterest and now want to use it for business – tidy it up. Go into your account and hide all the boards that are not directly related to your business or the business you want to set up.
  2. Now create some key boards focused at your niche and market. I suggest starting with 5-6 Basic boards – One board you need is for everything you actually post about from your blog.

Create board covers in Canva and make your brand cohesive

Now that we have the basic boards set up – you need some things to pin to them right? So spend some time pining some ideas!

Now lets set up your tailwind! You’ve signed up for the free account and you’ve linked your pinterst. Lets start at the top and work our way down the list! Lets join some tribes!

  1. Join some tribes – look for tribe in your niche and what you want to look for is number of people, virality and activity.

 Once you have gained some traction so that you can start joining group boards! When you are ready to join group boards – try out Pin Groupie to find some group boards to join!

Once you’ve joined some tribes – get ready to share some of your pins! Remember to share some of their pins too! For these examples we just going to focus on the free version – for this blog I use the plus – and level up my tribes. Dont be shy to ditch boards that arent working for you or aren’t creating the engagement you need. Watch your stats for this.  So lets talk about how I semi-loop and post stuff to tailwind and pinterest.

For my main blog I am part of a number of groups – I dont want to spam them so staggered out the group pins by creating groups in board lists:

So I stagger them by one like this:

Once my board groups are set up – and I’m feeling happy with how they are looking – I head over to the blog post and get started!

Step one! I Start with my 3 pins – One should always be a “if you don’t have time to read this right now – save it for later!”

Here is an example of what marketing stuff I get ready for each post. I use the online app display purposes for hashtags.

I create a large variety of social media collateral for my posts.

At the end of the post – once its live I start with the following process. I use the “Pin It” button to pin the 2 main pins to my own blog board. I use the title of the blog post and key hashtags to save it to my own blogging board

I do this for both Pins.

I then go to the board I’ve saved them to and then tailwind schedule it.

I make sure I have scheduled the pins and then added them to the tribes that I think would suit them the most. You have limited tribe posts available so be selective to where you put them.

How does this translate to page views?

So I moved to tail wind at the end of June when Board booster (RIP BB 🙁 ) went belly up – Here you can see how my traffic increased from where I started on tailwind:

My most popular pages have been the following:

What are the pins that have created this traffic? According to Pinterest – these are my top performing pins and my pinterest analytics:

What does google analytics say is my most high performing pins?

According to google analytics – obviously pinterest is my highest traffic driver of the social medias

When I drill down further – the pin that has been driving the most traffic to my site is this one – Which doesn’t even show up in my pinterest analytics as high performing. It does show however the impact of having many pictures available for a blog post!

Frequently Asked questions:

How many times a day should I pin?

This varies – on all platforms and social media outlets – so personally – I schedule 20-35 a day in tailwind and then manually pin 10-20 when I have time in my day.

Does the free version work?

Yes it does – I started with the free version and saw immediate results.

Will you show us how you track with the new blog?

Absolutely – I like that I’m starting from ZERO with the new blog – loving that in fact so am going to keep a close eye on how it grows! I will do a part 2 to see how it develops!

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