6 Pinterest Tips and Tricks from the experts to explode your visibility!

 If you are a new account, trying to get your Pinterest account gaining some traction, try this tips to bump up your engagement! We’ve rounded up 6 Pinterest tips from the experts (Including us!) FREE Pinterest Cheat Sheet below!

One of the things that is important to us – and we cover this in our post about cohesive branding and why it’s important, is making sure that you have branding that makes people want to follow and click on your work.

Here is a snapshot of our 3 accounts, our boards are also branded so that everything looks cohesive!

Screenshot of My Inner Creative Pinterest Page
Screenshot of Hand Mommy The Wine Pinterest Page
Screen shot of the Pinnergrammer Pinterest page

Alexander Sergeev Hygger C.E.O from Hygger.io tells us not to make assumptions!  Here are his Pinterest tips:

Pinterest marketing is a powerful tool for small business. Unfortunately, we often face some typical wrong stereotypes of this visual social network, such as: -Pinterest users only pin silly content and food recipes -Pinterest is only for women -Pinterest does not attract my target audience, and so on. However, the concept of Pinterest for business is rather strong. I define two global aims for any small business here: attracting traffic and increasing visibility and brand awareness.

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1. Sharing from others:

When your account is just starting out – it is important to 80% of others content and 20%of yours as you grow. Once you have some traction, you can start incrementally decreasing others content and increasing yours, until you are at 80% your content and 20% other content.

Supriya AN  fromTalk Travel suggests the following about following other accounts;

A lot of account owners are skeptical of following other accounts. The truth is everybody wants to come across as leaders or influencers with a huge following but it is important to follow other relevant accounts, industry peers and influencers to have great content. Like Newton’s Third Law, you pin great content, people will pin your content in the long run.

When you are pinning others’ content, ensure you are pinning those that have a lot of repins. More repins means the chances of reaching more people

2. Creating good Content for Pinterst:

Creating pins that are specific to your blog, brand and theme are key. Make sure your pins are readable, well curated and cohesive. Nothing worse than seeing bad pins circulating! However, I have been known to spell a couple things wrongs on viral pins! Make sure you have the right size for your pins! Using Canva is easy and they have premade templates for you! Make those pins visually appealing – think about your client, they want things on their boards that inspire them too, or something that reminds them why they pinned it!

Pinterest says 600 x 900 pixels is optimal

Pinterest Image Sizes:

Square pins 600 x 600 pixels

Short pins 600 x 900 pixels

Medium pins 600 x 1260 (minimum)

Long pins 600 x 1560 pixels

David de Ponte Lira from Full Musculo suggests posting high quality infographics, with useful shareable tips. People like sharing useful tips!

If you are thinking of other content options Mikaella King, Social Media Manager at Blinds Direct suggests considering incorporating products into your boards. However, you should ensure that the images are high quality, are naturally occurring and not overly salesly.

photo of text consider incorporating products into pinterest boards

Alexander Sergeev Hygger from Hygger.io suggests looking into a long term content plan, consider what your competition is pinning and looking into improving that by being unusual or creative.

pinterest tips cheat sheet PDF

3. Posting on Pinterest Tips:

For me, on @myinnercreative I schedule post 35x a day and spend 5-10 mins a day just posting things to my personal interest boards.

David de Ponte Lira from Full Musculo agrees with this, posting every day helps keep you engaged with your audience.

When should I post to Pinterst?

If you have analytics (because you are smart and have converted your account to a business account) you’ll have a good idea which pins are working well and when people are posting. If you have tailwind then it will tell you in your analytics and suggest in your posting schedule what times are best to post.

How many Times a day should I post?

This is such a tricky question as it is different for each business and niche. For us we aim for 35 scheduled pins a day then work on manually pinning for 5-10 mins a day. Some people post 50 a day and some aim at 10-15. I think the sweet spot is 25. Again you can use tailwind to easily schedule pins months in advance.

4. Make your posts SEO Friendly

Making sure that when you share your content, its easy to find. You need to remember that Pinterest is a massive search engine and that making sure your posts are searchable is key. Use hashtags like you would Instagram or Twitter and make sure the description creates information that is searchable.

Lauren Petermeyer Editor-in-Chief of Morethanglam.com suggests the ease of use of plugins! If you’re pinning from a blog or website, it’s extremely helpful to install a plug-in to automatically post each article to Pinterest/Tumblr, etc. so you don’t have to manually each time. At Morethanglam, we love the SNAP auto poster. (Keep in mind that you need to purchase the API for $49usd when installed)

A plug in and chrome extension that we at The Pinstagrammer is the “Pin In button” .

Marcin Nieweglowski, marketing manager at Little Big Make has the following to say about Pinterest:

Additionally, think of Pinterest as a Google-powered social media platform where you wrestle with others to be higher – be better visible – than others. Because competition is pretty high on Pinterest, it will take many months to reach satisfy outcomes – and take it for granted. Prepare Pinterest-designed cover photo for each pin including a call to action (click here for more, learn more, for example) to amplify clickable force. And don’t forget posting every pin with attendant tags properly describe it.

5. Group Boards – Your Secret to Pinterest Success

The first rule of group boards….DON’T SPAM! You’ll be removed quick smart! Use pingroupie to find boards in your niche, and apply using their instructions on the boards. Another way to find good group boards to have a look at your competitors and check out their boards, and what group boards they are part of!

Cibin a successful Content Marketer and Outreach nerd at TechWyse and he suggests joining “Famous boards”

Join niche related boards that have much more engagement rate. Pin some good content from those boards. Engage with the users on that board( like and comment)  Do this on 5-10 boars daily.you will see the changes gradually on your account

Test out Tailwind tribes for a couple weeks – I usually give it 3 weeks to see if the tribe is working and then if not, I ditch it and try and new one.

6. Remember – It takes time!

Don’t expect results overnight. Dont expect results in a week – Joining group boards takes time, building rapport takes time – so be patient and it will happen.

If you are struggling with patience Gacia Atachian Content Manager, Kobe Digital suggests looking into paid pinterest advertising; she suggests the following

the free method may take more time than using the promoted version. However, it is entirely worth it when considering long-term traffic. Pinterest’s paid platform is relatively new, becoming available to the public only last year (2017). It functions on a bidding system much like Facebook and Twitter. A company, brand, small business, or individual pay to promote one of their pins to their target audience. To run a Promoted Pin, you must sign up for a Pinterest business account. Pinterest is a great promotional channel with both free and paid reach capabilities that promotes products, drives traffic to your site, and conducts market research as well.

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