Free Instagram Mini Audit!

Looking to create an engaging Instagram Audience? It’s hard, we know it is – and it isn’t much you can do without changing some key aspects! Essentially it’s the old adage of “you can’t manage what you don’t measure”.

I have 4 Instagram accounts, one is an influencer account, @theartofbujo and you can read how I grew that Instagram account here. I have a fledgling account at 5k followers and 2 starting out! They are growing steadily! But I wouldn’t have been able to do it if I had concentrated on if I didn’t do my own audit. So I am working to help you, create a good start by providing this fabulous and easy-to-follow Instagram Audit to get you on the right track!

With this free audit we will cover what sort of Name you should use, What your competition is doing? What hashtags are they using? What sort of tools do you need? What are your instagram business goals? What is your ultimate strategy?

Its really tricky creating a cohesive brand on Instagram, and hopefully, we can help you!

We also cover how to best utilise your bio and we give you a lovely and easy-to-read cheat sheet!

You really cant beat the value you are getting from this great free instagram audit

Grab the Free Mini Audit + Cheat Sheet below