Free Instagram Content Planner



It is simple to forget to publish on a regular basis when you do not have a social media posting schedule to adhere to.
In addition, the production of content in the form of images and videos with the intention of driving income for your company may appear to be remote from your bottom line.

However, as of right present, ninety percent of Instagram users are following at least one brand. You absolutely need to have a strategy for Instagram if you want to compete with other businesses in your field, and this is especially true if the app is used by the people you are trying to reach.

The good news is that if you have an ideal plan for the content you will post on Instagram, you will be able to create content with greater intention, which will ultimately lead to more outcomes for your team and company.

Planning Instagram content can be HARD! So hopefully this Free Instagram Content Planner will help you create some meaningful engagement with your audience.

Sharing content from your users that fits within your branding and theme is a great way to increase your content capacity and creates great engagement with your users and followers.

In this free instagram content planner Printable, I suggest 21 ways to create content for your instagram feed with a visual – real life example. It gives you a simple way of seeing how people theme their feeds.

Having content at the ready means you can schedule it (read our post on scheduling tools) and this means you save time. So its the perfect #lazy guide to creating at least 21 days or or if you are a regular poster, 7 – 10 days worth of content which you can then reuse and do again.

What is in the Free Content Planner?

We have suggestions ranging from questions to content. When sharing users’ work, ask for permission first, and be sure to repost their full captions. You can edit your hashtags to suit your strategy, but be sure to let people know that this is not your original work.

If you make it your mission to provide excellence, value, and enjoyment in the content that you post on Instagram, your audience will thank you by interacting with the content, returning to it, and asking for more if you meet those goals. They will share your content through direct messages and stories, as well as reactions and screenshots. Reward these kind of engagements by elevating your audience and making them the protagonist of the story, and your company will see the benefits of this strategy.

Why is it important to have an Instagram planner template?

There are SO many paid and free apps on the market for auto posting to Instagram, but NONE of these actually tell you what to post or provide suggestions on when or how to post your content

Anything you publish to your newsfeed will be displayed on your profile grid. The grid sorts posts in reverse chronological order, with the most recent nine appearing at the top.
This is the screen equivalent of being above the “fold” in a newspaper; there is no need to scroll.

When deciding what to post to your account’s grid, you should bear in mind that the information will be displayed in the newsfeeds of your followers, so take this into consideration. The days of the 3×3 curated profile grid are long gone; despite the fact that the grid’s visual appeal is undeniable, the reality is that the individual components of those postings appeared ugly in the newsfeed. It is important to pay attention to the look and feel of each post as a whole, as well as how each post will effect the flow of your profile.

What you want your brand to strive for is a consistent look and feel that is easily recognisable by your audience. At the same time, you should make sure that each individual post is interesting enough that someone who is scrolling through your profile or their newsfeed would become so intrigued that they would pause to look at it, consider it, and possibly even share it with their friends.

Download the free Instagram Content Printable